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Anchor Brewing
Founded By:
Ernst F. Baruth + Otto Schinkel, Jr.
Curated By:
James Clay
California, United States Anchor map
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It’s a bold claim, but Anchor have every right to make it. The iconic west coast brewhouse has a storied history stretching back to the California gold rush. As a brewery whose first premises burnt down in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Anchor can consider themselves something of an elder statesman in an era of energetic young upstarts.

Today’s brewery is an enterprise with a true legacy, producing flagship beers from their traditional copper brewhouse using time-tested methods and practices. Anchor have been refining and perfecting their processes for decades, laying claim to the first post-Prohibition American IPA, and the first modern use of dry-hopping too.

Core beers like Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale, and Anchor Porter were all rolling off the bottling line by the end of the 1970s. Yes, the flares and flower power seventies. And those aren’t dusty old relics. They’re world-class beers that continue to inspire generations of craft brewers all over the globe. America’s most traditional brewery - true pioneers, pushing craft forward.

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