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Pairing La Trappe with Food

Pairing La Trappe with Food

La Trappe offers different kinds of ale, but which one goes best with which dish? In general terms, a light ale goes best with chicken or fish dishes and the darker beers for richer dining, red meat  or spicy dishes and game.

La Trappe not only has an ale to match every occasion. There is also a ale-based dish for every occasion. And what will you drink with that? Exactly, a matching glass of Trappist ale.

Here are a few recommendations from the brewery:

La Trappe Blond
This light ale combines well with a nice piece of fish or deliciously grilled chicken. Examples of combinations that go well with La Trappe Blond are:

  • Fresh salad with a neutral dressing
  • Light fish dishes
  • Pork fillet and white meat, such as chicken or veal

La Trappe Dubbel
This somewhat hearty ale is especially tasty with a hearty soup or kale and sausage. But it would certainly not be out of place alongside fried or grilled meat. Think of, for example:

  • Hearty soups
  • Fried or grilled meat
  • Ham off the bone (Bavarian or German Schweinshaxe with sauerkraut)
  • Side of pork

La Trappe Tripel
This crisp and spicy ale goes particularly well with Asian cuisine. Indian and Indonesian dishes especially will bring out the hint of coriander in this ale. This versatile ale with body also combines well with tuna and red meat. Dishes that go well with this ale include:

  • Fried duck breast
  • Grilled tuna
  • Spicy Southeast Asian cuisine
  • Indian cuisine, spicy dishes such as lamb or fish curries
  • Red meat

La Trappe Quadrupel
The defining feature of this special ale is that you pick up different tastes every time drink it. Sometimes the sweetness of the fruit in the ale will come out, while at other times the warm wood flavours will hit you. Primely suited to accompany stews, spicy dishes, and ribs. But also a great treat alongside a chocolate-based dessert. La Trappe Quadrupel is a tasty accompaniment to:

  • Stews and spicy dishes
  • Grilled ribs with sweet-and-sour sauce
  • Rich desserts, chocolate

La Trappe Isid’or
Isid’or is like a complex wine. It goes well with a range of different dishes. The slightly sweet aftertaste with a hint of caramel makes this ale a great companion to dried sausages. But sweeter cheeses also go particularly well with this ale. And Isid’or is also a delicious complement to dishes with hoisin or sweet ketjap, marinated spare ribs, and sweet vegetables such as winter carrot, beetroot, and pumpkin. Try Isid’or with:

  • Cured meat products (Parma ham, charcuterie and dried sausages)
  • Sweet cheeses (blue cheeses, such as Stilton) with a compote of cranberries or sweet onions
  • Granary or nut bread
  • Grilled pumpkin, winter carrot, or beetroot
  • Caramelised chicory with pandan rice and grilled fish
  • Glazed spare ribs (with sweet marinade)
  • Chinese dishes with hoisin sauce or sweet ketjap sauce