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  • California Lager

    California Lager

    Anchor Steam's roots go back to the Gold Rush, long before icehouses and modern refrigeration made traditional lagers a viable California option. In 1876, thanks to an ice pond in the mountains and a belief that anything is possible in the Golden State, a little brewery named Boca created California's first genuine lager. Anchor California Lager is Anchor's re-creation of this historic beer.

    • ABV: 4.9%
    • Size (Bottles): 24 x 355ml
    • Size (Cans): 24 x 355ml
    • Style: Lager
  • Anchor Go West! IPA

    Anchor Go West! IPA

    The California Gold Rush compelled thousands to Go West! “to see the elephant,” a metaphor for the doggedly optimistic risk-taking linked then and now with America’s intensified pursuit of happiness. This brew pours bright, clear golden color with light tan head, has strong tropical and citrus fruit aromas balanced by the spiky freshness of pine needles. You get bitterness up front followed by subtly sweet maltiness, a light body and very smooth finish. 

    • ABV: 6.7%
    • Size (Bottles): 24 x 355ml
    • Size (Cans): 24 x 355ml
    • Draught: 19.5 litre keg (American Sankey Coupler)
    • Style: IPA
  • Anchor Steam

    Anchor Steam

    The classic of American brewing tradition since 1896', Anchor Steam has a bronze colour with a thick creamy head. The palate is full and malty with a beautiful bitter hop aroma.

    • ABV: 4.5%%
    • Size (Bottles): 24x35.5cl
    • Draught: 19.5Ltr (US Sankey)
    • Style: Califonia Common
  • Anchor Porter

    Anchor Porter

    A unique dark brew which uses specially roasted malts, a top-fermenting yeast and only fresh whole hops. All this combines to produce a rich and intense flavour with subtle notes of chocolate, toffee, and coffee.

    • ABV: 5.6%
    • Size (Bottles): 24x35.5cl
    • Draught: 19.5Ltr (US Sankey)
    • Style: Porter
  • Anchor Liberty Ale

    Anchor Liberty Ale

    First introduced in 1975, Liberty Ale is brewed with a top-fermenting ale yeast, responsible for many of the subtle flavours and characteristics. Dry-hopping imparts a unique aroma to the ale.

    • ABV: 5.9%
    • Size (Bottles): 24x35.5cl
    • Draught: 19.5Ltr (US Sankey)
    • Style: American Pale Ale