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  • Chimay Red Cap

    Chimay Red Cap

    Chimay Red Cap is a dark brown colour with a sweet, fruity aroma and nutty character. It imparts a silky sensation to the tongue, made refreshing by a light touch of bitterness.

    The Chimay "Première" was the first beer brewed at the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey by the Trappist fathers in 1862.

    • ABV: 7.0%
    • Size (Bottles): 24 x 330ml
    • Draught: 20 litre keg (A-type)
    • Style: Trappist Dubbel
  • Chimay Blue Cap

    Chimay Blue Cap

    A dark, strong ale characterised by its full flavour and port-like aroma. Relatively dry with distinct caramel notes. 

    First brewed as a Christmas beer, it is today available year-round. Chimay Blue is also a beer which may be aged and enjoyed in future years.

    • ABV: 9.0%
    • Size (Bottles): 24 x 330ml
    • Style: Trappist Strong Dark Ale
  • Chimay White Cap

    Chimay White Cap

    Chimay White Cap was the "last-born" of the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey. Golden in colour, the beer combines a sweet and bitter balance.

    The fresh hop and yeasty aroma comes with fruity touches of Muscat grapes and raisins, even ripe apples. This traditional Belgian beer is best savoured fresh and at a temperature of from 6 to 8°C, ideally in the distinctive Chimay chalice glass. 

    • ABV: 8.0%
    • Size (Bottles): 24 x 330ml
    • Draught: 20 litre keg (A-Type Coupler)
    • Style: Trappist Tripel

Chimay At A Glance

Abbey Notre-Dame de Scourmont

Abbey Notre-Dame de Scourmont

The Trappist monks of Scourmont Abbey in Chimay belong to the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance.

Their lives follow the Rule of St. Benedict and take their name "Cistercians" from the Cîteaux monastery in Burgundy, founded in the 12th century.


Authentic Trappist beers

Authentic Trappist beers

Chimay is an authentic Trappist beer. That means that it is brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery under the control and responsibility of the community of monks, and whose revenue is devoted to social service.

It guarantees the origin of the beer according to well-established principles.

The Trappist Brewing Heritage

The Trappist Brewing Heritage

Brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery, either by the monks themselves or under their supervision, is just one tenet governing which beers can bear the Trappist name. 

Just eight Trappist abbeys brew beer Orval, Chimay, Westvleteren, Rochefort, Westmalle, Achel, Koningshoeven and, more recently, Engelszell.