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Firestone Walker
Founded By:
Adam Firestone and David Walker
Curated By:
James Clay
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Brothers. Best friends and rivals all at once. Firestone Walker is the beautiful product of that friction. A delicious bottle of brotherly love. Two brothers-in-law. David Walker, the British expatriate who brought a European twist. And Adam Firestone, who grew up surrounded by Californian vineyards. The Lion and the Bear. Walker, meet Firestone.

What they shared was an epic love of beer. They still do, actually. What they produce, working with brewmaster Matt Bryndilson, is nothing short of legendary. A state-of-the-art brewery in Paso Roble turning out everything from iconic pale ales to vintage barrel-aged beers. Then there’s the Barrelworks in Buellton brewing eccentric wild ales, and the Propagator pilot brewhouse in Venice for new ideas.

From mainstays like the sessionable Easy Jack, to specialties like the lambic style Lil Opal from the Barrelwork series. Beers fit to carry the name of brothers respected worldwide for brewing expertise and innovation.

Firestone Walker Beer - Available Now

Easy JackSession IPA24x35,5cl CansListed4.0%
HelldoradoBlonde Barley Wine19.5Ltr KegLimited Release12.8%
LagerLager24x35,5cl CansListed4.5%
Luponic DistortionIPA24x35,5cl CansLimited Release5.9%
Mind HazeNew England Style IPA24x35,5cl CansListed6.2%
RosalieRosé Style Ale w/ Prickly Pear & Hibiscus24x35,5cl CansLimited Release5.0%

Our Firestone Walker Range

Easy Jack

Easy Jack

Style: Session IPA
ABV: 4.0%

A different kind of IPA; one brewed and dry hopped with a globetrotting selection of new hop varieties from Europe, New Zealand and North America. A beer that delivers massive hop aromas and a signature malt balance.

Cans24x35,5cl Cans
Draught50Ltr Keg


Style: Lager
ABV: 4.5%

In a craft world dominated by hoppy beers, Firestone Walker have gone back to basics with Firestone Lager. Made in the classic all-malt Munich Helles style, Firestone Lager demands technical perfection from their brewing team, with a transparent canvas that would otherwise reveal the smallest flaw. Gambrinus pilsner malt establishes a crisp, dry base with a soft mouthfeel, while noble German hops provide just a whisper of bitterness. The result is an impossibly smooth and immensely drinkable beer that aims to help redefine American Lager.

Cans24x35,5cl Cans
Draught50Ltr Keg
Mind Haze

Mind Haze

Style: New England Style IPA
ABV: 6.2%

From the coast of California comes Mind Haze, a free-spirited beer made to elevate your perceptions juicy yet balanced, hazy yet lasting, and loaded with an imaginative array of tropical hop flavours.

Cans24x35,5cl Cans
Draught50Ltr Keg