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Oskar blues brewery
Oskar Blues
Founded By:
Dale Katechis
Curated By:
James Clay
Longmont, Colorado Oskar blues brewery origin map
Oskar blues brewery main
Oskar blues brewery secondary

It might sound like a jazz club you’d like to visit. But it’s not. It’s a brew-pub you’d like to visit. Well it was in 1997 anyway. Now it’s that and more, with breweries in both the hills of Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, North Carolina and Austin, Texas, and, of course, a killer range of canned craft beers

In fact, Oskar Blues claim they were the original craft beer in a can. While we’re sure a few others might lay a claim to that title, there’s no denying the passion these guys have. And it’s not just beer. You’ll find the Oskar Blues name splashed all over extreme sports too. Like for like, they wouldn’t have it any other way, and each of the full-flavoured beers in the range is a tasty tribute to the glory of recyclable, portable and light-rejecting little aluminium tins everywhere.

Oskar Blues Beer - Available Now

BA Ten FidyBourbon Barrel Aged Stout24x35,5cl CansLimited Release12.5%
BA20 Vol 3: Angel's VeraRum BA Imperial Stout24x35,5cl CansLimited Release10.3%
BA21 Vol.5Bourbon BA Stout w/ Coffee & Vanilla24x35,5cl CansLimited Release13.3%
Double BA Bourbon FidyBourbon BA Imperial Stout19.5ltr Microstar dLimited Release16.0%
Western MutantWest Coast IPA19.5ltr Microstar dLimited Release7.0%

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