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Hidden away in the sprawling forests of Bohemia lies Kout. A pretty mythical place to exist. A forest where the Romans claimed wild beasts roamed. Unicorns, strange birds with glowing feathers, and an elk with no knees. Even stranger.

And as for the brewery, their cellars were carved from beneath a church where a blind beggar predicted the future of the Holy Roman Emperor. The walls were built with stone from the crumbling castle of Rýzmberk. The secret recipe, scrawled in an ancient brewery log, was discovered hidden in the masonry.

A suitably mythical setting for an enigmatic brewery with a reputation for exclusivity. The small village institution turns out just four brews. Two bright and beautiful lagers, and two deep and rich dark beers.

Those who have tried them are evangelical. Enthused with the quality and consistency. Inspired by this perfect expression of European brewing. But those who have tried Kout are a select few. You’ll struggle to find a pint or bottle even in the bustling pubs and bars of Prague. If you get the chance, it’s a story you’ll never forget.

Pivovar Kout Beer - Available Now

Pivo 10Czech Pilsner30Ltr KegListed4.0%
Pivo 12Czech Pilsner30Ltr KegListed5.0%

Our Pivovar Kout Range

Pivo 10

Pivo 10

Style: Czech Pilsner
ABV: 4.0%

Koutska 10 is, we think, as drinkable a beer as you can find anywhere. Savouring it's delicate yet full balance of rich round malt and flowery finish of Nobel hops, you can be forgiven for not wanting to stop at one. Or four. Or ten. The beer is unpasteurised and shipped cold to ensure the best quality.

Draught30Ltr Keg

Pivo 12

Style: Czech Pilsner
ABV: 5.0%

Koutska 12 is the brewery's flagship beer, and was named Czech 'Lager of the Year' in 2010 (as almost all Czech beer is lager, let's just say 'best beer'). The 12 is an absolutely heavenly balance of rich, round, clean Czech malt and flowery, spicy Saaz hops.The beer is unpasteurised and shipped cold to ensure the best quality.

Draught30Ltr Keg
Pivo 12