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Schneider Landbrauerei Logo
Schneiders Landbrauerei
Founded By:
Georg Schneider VI
Curated By:
James Clay
Kelheim, Germany Schneider weisse origin map

A new project from the esteemed Schneider family (of wheat beer fame). Schneider's Landbrauerei will focus on producing beers with a deep connection to their local area, expressing the character of the people and region, showcasing the finest Bavarian hops, barley, and water.

Schneider Weisse Brewmaster Hans-Peter Drexler has headed up the project, and working with his team alongside Georg Schneider V, VI, and VII, have developed their first release: Bayrisch Hell, a 4.9% pale golden Helles lager.

New breweries come along all the time, but Schneider's Landbrauerei ticked all our boxes. With the Schneider pedigree, quality is assured. We already know they're good people. As a tool for the Schneider family to express Bavarian terroir through exceptional beer, they sealed the deal by appealing to our nerdy side too.

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Schneiders Landbrauerei Beer - Available Now

Schneiders Bayrisch HellHelles Lager20x50cl Btls NRBListed4.9%

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Schneiders Bayrisch Hell

Schneiders Bayrisch Hell

Style: Helles Lager
ABV: 4.9%

Schneider's Bayrisch Hell: as pristine, characteristic and pure as its homeland, Southern Bavaria. Brewed with 100% Bavarian ingredients and handcrafted in the traditional method - by the sixth generation of the Schneider brewers family. Its straw-yellow colour is as impressive as its balanced, refreshing and highly drinkable aroma with a subtle malty body and flowery hop aromas. A Helles as it should be - or: a real Schneider's. Cheers!

Size:20x50cl Btls NRB
Size:50Ltr Keg s