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Our Core Beers

From the classic strong ales and Lambics of Belgium to America's foremost craft breweries; the traditional weissbier and crisp pilseners from Germany and the Trappist beers which continue to inspire generations of brewers. Here you'll find the beers which have set benchmarks in world brewing and are the cornerstone of the specialist beer sector.

The United States has a wonderful heritage of brewing which can be traced back to Dutch, English and German settlers, with India Pale Ale, brown ales, porters and stouts, as well as the more familiar pilsner-style lagers, being widely brewed.

Because of the distinctive flavours of American hops, Pale Ale and IPAs are considered to be a type in their own right, not forgetting 'steam' beer, the first style of beer to originate in the USA.

For centuries, brewing has been at the very heart of Belgium and forms a large part of the country's culture.

Golden or blonde, dubble or tripel, white or wheat, Lambic or Flemish Red to name just a few - with the scale of beer types in Belgium it is hardly surprising that when all specialist and one-off brews are included there are an estimated 8,700 different beers. With this vast array of beers come an equally large selection of glasses, each very individual and designed to accentuate the qualities of the beer.

A country with a long and rich beer heritage, German breweries produce a rich variety of over 5,000 beers including pilsners, weißbier, schwarzbier and Kölsch, many of which have strongly influenced brewing around the world.

All beers are produced under adherence to the Reinheitsgebot (or, literally, the 'purity order') which is compulsory for German brewers and continues to uphold their high reputation for quality.

Just eight monasteries produce Trappist beer, with six found in Belgium, one in the Netherlands and one in Austria.

Trappist should not be confused with being a style of beer, however it is a controlled term of origin, as one might expect with Champagne. Abbey beers are produced by breweries under arrangement from monasteries, most being well worthy of association with their Trappist roots.

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