Great American Beer Festival

Great american beer festival main

When is it?

Where is it?
Colorado, USA

What beer?

How long is it?
3 Days

An unbelievably huge festival that would leave any beer fan with their jaw on the floor. Eight hundred of America’s finest craft breweries assembled under one roof, pouring 3,800 different beers across a weekend in Denver. GABF is so enormous that the breweries are organised geographically, and navigation using the free app is essential.

The beers are served in 1 ounce (29.5ml) pours, making it possible to get around a reasonable number of the stands, although even if you somehow managed to visit each stand for a pour you’d be consuming an impossible 23.6 litres of beer. Given the sheer number of breweries on display there’s never an issue with queuing, and at worst you can visit one of the other world-class breweries while you wait for a queue to die down. Outside of the festival there’s plenty to keep thirst at bay.

Within the city limits of Denver there are 55 breweries with taprooms, an abundance of incredible beer bars, and an enormous programme of satellite events around the city.

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