Oktoberfest event main

When is it?

Where is it?
Munich, Germany

What beer?

How long is it?
16-18 Days

Oktoberfest serves as the perfect antithesis to the modern beer festival, there’s no need to queue for the latest soft serve adjunct stout or hype beer, here it’s all about the immense beer culture of Bavaria.

Each of the six classic Munich breweries (Hofbräu, Augustiner, Paulaner, Spaten, Löwenbräu and Hacker-Pschorr) produce a special ‘Festbier’ for the occasion, a strong and malty pale lager. These are served by the litre in the ubiquitous German Maß handled glass, brought to you at your communal beer- hall-style table by your waiter or waitress clad in their finest ‘tracht’, the traditional Bavarian dirndl or lederhosen. In 2017 over 7 million litres of beer were served, washing down half a million roast chickens and 75 thousand pork knuckles. There are 14 large beer tents, the largest of these capable of accommodating just over ten thousand people, and reservations are essential.

There is an enormous theme park and carnival constructed around the site too, including full scale rollercoasters. The ‘Teufelsrad’ or Devil’s Wheel is an essential Oktoberfest thrillseeker’s experience, people selected by random categories i.e all of those wearing lederhosen compete to be the last person on a giant spinning wheel, resulting in pile-ups and people spinning off everywhere.

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