Toer De Geuze

Toer de geuze event main

When is it?

Where is it?

What beer?
Lambic, gueuze,

How long is it?
2 Days

Run once every two years by HORAL (the lambic brewer’s council) the Toer de Geuze is a rare opportunity to see into the true heart of lambic land.

During the Toer almost every producer in the Pajottenland open their doors and allow visitors to tour their breweries and blenderies. Many do not allow visitors at all, and some will only allow pre-booked large tour groups. Producers will typically release special variants and blends during this time, and all of the participants come together to produce a ‘Megablend’ comprised of lambics from each brewery.

The HORAL organisation lay on bus tours taking in 4 producers per day, with ample time for any purchases. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous it is possible to cycle the entire Toer, in true Belgian fashion. There is no charge to visit any of the breweries.

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