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In the mid 1800�s the most popular brew in the Brussels area was faro. With the base lambic beer being very tart lambic beer is sweetened with candy sugar and caramel. Lambic beer has to be the most unusual beer family in the world. Small farmhouse breweries near Brussels maintain a tradition for spontaneously fermenting wheat beers. No yeast is added, the magical micro organisms of the area enter the brew left in open vessels in dusty galleries overnight. Afterwards two fermentations take place, in wooden casks, the first over a week and subsequently over months, as the beer is stored. Lambics are esoteric specialties and very individual. Fruit Lambics by adding fruit to the base Lambic the result is a �sweet and sour� refreshing drink

Region: Belgian
Style: Lambic Faro
ABV: 4.0%
btls nrb - 12x37,5cl Btls NRB
Region: Belgian
Style: Lambic Fruit Beer (Peach)
ABV: 4.0%
cans nrb - 12x33cl Cans