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Duvel Bourbon Barrel Aged #3

Duvel  Bourbon Barrel Aged #3

With this Duvel aged in wooden barrels we combine the exciting bite of Duvel with the smoother hint of caramel from American bourbon. As this beer matures for a longer period, it is less bitter than the traditional Duvel.

Region: Belgian
Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 11.5%
btl nrb - 1x75cl Btl

Duvel Tripel Hop Citra

Duvel Tripel Hop Citra

Discover Citra, voted by fans as the best hop variety for our special Duvel Tripel Hop. Citra enriches the already unique taste of Duvel with fresh notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit

Region: Belgian
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 9.0%
btls nrb - 24x33cl Btls nrb