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Berliner Pilsner
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Volkseigener Betrieb
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James Clay
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Berlin, du bist so wunderbar!Every Berliner badge carries the breezy salute to the German capital, and the beer itself is about as good a representation of Berlin’s hyper cool work-hard play-hard mentality as you could hope for.

Though the beer is an icon in its own right, the brewery who do the legwork, Schultheiss-Brauerei, have been doing their stuff since 1842, and Berliner itself was marketed as a traditional pilsner before its recent incarnation. And these days? It’s the city’s best selling beer.

21st century Berliner is a beer that’s bang up to date, a crisp pilsner perfect for sipping anywhere from a drizzly British barbecue to a Brooklyn rooftop party. Every can is adorned by the instantly recognisable Berlin Bear, one of the city’s famous visual markers. You can’t miss it.

Wonderful sounds about right.

Berliner Pilsner Beer - Available Now

Berliner PilsnerPilsner24x50cl CansListed5.0%

Our Berliner Pilsner Range

Berliner Pilsner

Berliner Pilsner

Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5.0%
Size:24x50cl Cans
Size:50Ltr Keg s