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Brasserie Dupont
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Dupont is a brewery with deep roots. It all started with a Belgian farm dating back to 1759. The farm became a farm-brewery, producing seasonal honey and saison beers for summer sipping. Then along came Louis.

In 1920, Louis’ father Albert Dupont wanted to head off a potential move to Canada. So he bought his agronomist son the same farm-brewery, and Brasserie Dupont was born, along with their take on the popular farm beer - the now iconic Dupont Saison.

Since then, the old farm has weathered wars and depressions that sunk many a small Belgian brewery. And it gained some shiny kit along the way. Dupont is still family run, with a line stretching through nephews and daughters, and they still produce the Dupont Saison that’s so beloved by brewers and drinkers worldwide. An archetypal farmhouse style, true to its rural roots.

Brasserie Dupont Beer - Available Now

Avec les Bons VoeuxSaison12x37,5cl Btls NRBLimited Release9.5%
Avec Les Bons VoeuxSaison12x75cl Btls NRBLimited Release9.5%
Gift PackBrasserie Dupont Gift Pack6x33cl + GlassGift Pack
Monks StoutBelgian Stout24x33cl Btls NRBListed5.2%
Redor PilsBelgian Pilsner30Ltr Keg sLimited Release5.0%
Saison Dupont (Classic)Saison24x33cl Btls NRBListed6.5%

Our Brasserie Dupont Range

Monks Stout

Monks Stout

Style: Belgian Stout
ABV: 5.2%

The beer has a mild, slightly bitter, hoppy flavour and is easy and refreshing to drink. The beer is brewed using only high-grade, certified-organic barley malt, rice and hops. The rice used also has Fair Trade certification.

Size:24x33cl Btls NRB

Saison Dupont (Classic)

Style: Saison
ABV: 6.5%

Saison beers are Wallonian. They originate from the days when they were unable to brew in the summer months as they were unable to control the fermentation as a result a beer in the spring which was packed with hops and fully attenuated. Saison was originally a yeasty beer made in small farmhouse breweries mainly in the winter for summer drinking. Strong and crisp, herbal. As with Saison beers it is packed with hops and fully attenuated resulting in a beer with lots of flavour whilst being crisp and dry.

Size:24x33cl Btls NRB
Size:24x33cl Btls RB
Size:20Ltr Keg s
Saison Dupont (Classic)