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Flensburger brauerei brand logo
Founded By:
Petersen + Dethleffsen Families
Curated By:
James Clay
Flensburg, Germany Flensburger origin map
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Drive north until everyone starts speaking Danish. Then go back a bit.

That’s the directions given for visitors looking to reach Flensburger Brauerei.

As Germany’s most northerly brewery, Flensburger are closer to Copenhagen’s innovative beer scene than they are to the beer halls of Munich and Germany’s brewing heartland. The brewery even draws water from a well that’s fed by an Ice Age spring flowing from Scandinavia. Their coastal-grown barley is buffeted by baltic winds, not bavarian breezes.

But they still brew German classics, like the crisp, hoppy Flensburger Pilsner, or the elegant, floral Flensburger Gold, all sealed with a flip-top stopper which give the beers their famous ‘Plop!’. A sound, an advertising slogan, and a local nickname for Flensburger themselves.

An outward-looking, maritime spirit infects everything Flensburger does. The brewery’s brand mark features a ship in full sail, setting out to discover the world. Well the world has already discovered Flensburger’s beers, and they can’t stop the ‘Plop!’

Flensburger Beer - Available Now

Lager 4.0%Pilsner50Ltr Keg aListed4.0%
Pilsner 4.8%Pilsner24x33cl Btls NRBListed4.8%

Our Flensburger Range

Lager 4.0%

Lager 4.0%

Style: Pilsner
ABV: 4.0%

Available in draught only, Flensburger Lager is produced solely for the export market and, unlike its stronger pilsener brother, is a much softer beer - pale golden in colour, almost reminiscent of a 'Dortmund' style beer but with a northern twist.

Size:50Ltr Keg a

Pilsner 4.8%

Style: Pilsner
ABV: 4.8%

A crisp, dry, hoppy pilsener style of beer typical of northern Germany. Light and easy to drink.

Size:24x33cl Btls NRB
Size:50Ltr Keg s
Pilsner 4.8%