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Founded By:
Childhood Friends
Curated By:
James Clay and Sons
Prague Prague Black

Distinctive unfiltered Czech lager made from high quality, locally sourced malt and hops, brewed in a restored 19th century brewery building.

Brewing has taken place on the site since 1893 originally as Měšťanský Pivovar, back when Vinohrady was still it's own town detached from Prague. Eventually industrialisation saw concrete replace verdant rows of barley and Vinohrady grow to become one of the country's biggest towns.

In the roaring 20s, the brewery was the place to be, with film studios setting up nearby. Unfortunately though, production was halted during World War II, before being nationalised by the government and eventually shuttered. Although no beer was produced commercially for a while, the site operated as the country’s Brewery and Malt Research Institute.

Today it's a buzzing taproom in a European capital, brought back to life by old school friends in 2014. Paying respect to the methods of the past, the brewery’s direct fired kettle is made of hammered copper, a replica of a model from 1912. Properly made old school Czech beer in a modern environment.

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Vinohradsky Beer - Available Now

Jantarová 13Unfiltered Amber Lager24x50cl CansListed4.9%
MāhutongaNEIPA w/ NZ Hops24x50cl CansLimited Release5.9%
Vinohradská 11Unfiltered Czech Lager24x50cl CansListed4.5%
Vinohradská 12Unfiltered Czech Lager24x50cl CansListed4.8%

Our Vinohradsky Range

Vinohradská 11

Vinohradská 11

Style: Unfiltered Czech Lager
ABV: 4.5%
Size:24x50cl Cans

Vinohradská 12

Style: Unfiltered Czech Lager
ABV: 4.8%

Unfiltered, unpasteurised Czech lager. Double decoction mashed and brewed exclusively with Saaz hops.

Size:24x50cl Cans
Vinohradská 12