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Freshness is becoming an essential factor for customers when choosing the beers that they buy.

This is an exciting sign of the UK beer market maturing. Previously breadth and depth of a beer range was enough to win customers over, but now when faced with a shelf full of pale ales a customer is as likely to look at a best before or packaged on date as they are the brand. As we deal primarily with imported beers, freshness is one of our biggest challenges to overcome, as shipping times will never be as swift as domestic products.

As part of our commitment to ensuring freshness we made a significant investment in 2017 after our move to our new Brighouse site and installed a bespoke built 4,000 square foot cold store, capable of holding 360 pallets of beer.

This investment has allowed us to maintain the quality standards that our brewery partners hold, and to ensure that fresh beer is delivered in the best possible condition.

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