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Westmalle Extra Release

Over the years it’s been our privilege to be entrusted with a handful of cases of Westmalle Extra to serve at special events. When the time has felt right we’ve even made requests to complete the trinity of Westmalle beers in our range and be allowed to import it officially. After decades of consideration the Brethren at Westmalle have decided to release Westmalle Extra commercially for the first time.

Available immediately in cases of 24x330ml bottles (NRB & RB), and will be added to the core range.

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Augustiner close up web

Augustiner Close Up

Consider a brewery that spends nothing on marketing in their domestic market, has no export department, and a tiny sales team consisting of a few people. Most likely you’re picturing a fresh faced local craft brewery; it would be completely inconceivable that such an approach could result in sales of over 1.5 million hectolitres per year and global recognition. However, this is exactly the description of the Bavarian classic Augustiner-Bräu, now a household name in the UK.

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Schlenkerla Twitter

The Ancient Art of Schlenkerla

Schlenkerla are custodians of ancient technology reflective of what was in use ten thousand years ago. As ancient as the hallowed spontaneous fermentation methods of the Pajottenland Lambic brewers, Schlenkerla’s Rauchbiers receive significantly less coverage. Perhaps lacking the same mystique, their direct fired kiln malting is no less artisanal and is an ancient craft now practiced only by a tiny handful of breweries across the world, with Schlenkerla being the most renowned.

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Beer for restaurants main

Beers for Restaurants

Food and drink have always been deliciously intertwined, with both being able to use flavour and...

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Freshness main


Freshness is becoming an essential factor for customers when choosing the beers that they buy...

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Brewing process main

The Brewing Process

Malting converts barley to malt for use in brewing. Dried grains are steeped in water...

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The German Story main

The German Story

Beer is an essential element of German culture and is intrinsic to the national identity, however...

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