Reopening Update

7 April 2021

Reopening Update JCS

After an extremely long and dark winter of growlers and contactless taps being exchanged through service hatches, we’re overjoyed to see the on-trade be able to reopen (albeit outdoors only). To help make this process as smooth as possible, we’ve put together some information to bring you up to date with how we’re operating, and to help your reopening too.


Our purchasing team have been collaborating with our international and UK partners to carefully forecast our requirements as the hospitality industry opens back up again. As it stands we have 90% availability on our listed keg range, and 95% on packaged.

The hospitality industry in the domestic market of many of our international suppliers remains closed with a knock on impact on kegs held in stock for us to import. However, our team is in constant contact with our overseas partners and have been planning production schedules specific for the UK. In short, we’re confident of excellent keg stock availability on our core range for reopenings. Transport and thus beer are all still moving well.

The search function on our website shows live availability. If you have any stock enquiries that this doesn’t answer, or are expecting significant demand on a certain SKU, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


The people within our business are our single most important asset, and to have spent so many months operating with many of them on furlough has been challenging. On a personal level, it’s just not as fun, and from the business point of view it’s been tricky to have skilled team members sitting on the sidelines.

As we approach the reopening of hospitality we’ve been able to bring our teams closer to their pre-pandemic sched

ules. We’re extremely happy to welcome our full Sales Team back to work, starting a few weeks ago. They’re raring to go, and ready to handle any enquiries you may have. We’ve equipped them with the tools they need to support you as you recover from the disruption to your business.

If you’re not sure who your contact point is, please give us a ring on 01422 377560 (we still believe in the strength of a chat), or drop an email to


We are open and trading in line with our normal hours Monday - Friday 0800-1700 (London and Midlands Tuesday - Friday).

We are still maintaining the same delivery guidelines that we put in place in March last year. As the situation is

very similar to last year’s outdoor reopening, please take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Draught Equipment

Our friends at the Brewer’s Association in the US have put together a pretty comprehensive guide to reopening your draught beer system. In short, after a shutdown of several months they recommend a deep clean with a 3% caustic solution, a water rinse, an acid clean, before a final water rinse.

Being sat so long out of action even the slightest amount of residual beer can lead to microbial growth in couplers and taps. These will also need to be fully broken down, cleaned, and sanitised before running draught beer service.

Although not an integrated part of the draught equipment, glassware is an essential part of draught beer quality. Given that it’s been sat out of action for an extended period of time it would be wise to run a full renovate cycle and clean for all glassware. If you are stocking any of our brands and need more branded glassware, please request them at the point of ordering. We’re so obsessed with the right glassware kept in good condition that we’re committed to providing branded glassware free of charge for bar use.

Range Review

Whether you’re a bottle shop, bar, or restaurant, a whole lot has changed across the past year. We’re noting new trends in consumer habits, the kind of beers they drink, where they drink, and how they buy them.

Our team are absolutely champing at the bit to chat to you about these insights, and ways that we can work t

ogether with our suppliers to support you in making the most of them. We’re available to setup video calls, phonecalls, and more than happy to deliver samples too, if you’d like to look at changing up your range please email

Product Knowledge Training

After so long away from the game it’s not unexpected for some skills and knowledge to have gotten a little rusty. In the run up to our Sales Team coming back to work we ran a series of training sessions internally, focusing on certain key styles and regions. Our website has a dedicated Expertise section with a whole host of articles on different aspects of our portfolio.

We’re beginning to add to this library of information, with in depth interviews with breweries, and key people across the global beer scene.

Mini Keg Service

Draught beer has such a special place for people in the UK, and it’s been fascinating to see the rise of the 5 litre Mini Keg, while our pubs have been closed. Just the right size to fit in your fridge at home, and as close as you can get to a proper pint of draught beer at home.

However, with customers likely to be looking to continue to minimise contact for a while, Mini Kegs become a

viable option for small groups drinking together in beer gardens. Foolproof to use, and containing just under 9 pints in total, they’re a great solution.

We maintain a small range of German beers in the 5 litre format, including Früh Kölsch, Jever Pilsner, and Schlenkerla Märzen.