2022 Range Review

5 April 2022


Once the dust has settled from the Christmas rush, and we've had a chance to recharge a little, we take on the most important job of the year, our annual Range Review. Members across our team come together to forecast the year ahead in beer, evaluating trends and opportunities, before deciding what changes we should make to our lineup.

British Beer

We've made huge strides forward in our approach to British beer, thanks in no small part to the expertise added to our business by New Wave Distribution joining our family of companies.

DEYA (Cheltenham, England)

Steady Rolling Man is now very clearly established as a modern classic of UK brewing. It's pillowy softness and juiciness are atypical of DEYA's output. We're excited to be listing Steady Rolling Man and their Session IPA Magazine Cover, in both 30L Kegs, and 24x50cl Cans.

Verdant (Penryn, England)

Cornwall's finest will also be joining our list, with a trio of excellent pale ales: Headband, Lightbulb, and People Money Space Time, all available in 30L Kegs and 24x44cl Cans.

Arbor (Bristol, England)

One of the true forebears of modern brewing in the UK. Established in 2007, and have since grown to become one of the best loved names in the country. You'll be able to permanently buy their Gluten Free pale ale Mosaic, and Session IPA Shangri-La, in both 50L Keg and 24x56.8cl Cans, alongside their Gluten Free Lager in 24x56.8cl Cans.

Tiny Rebel (Newport, Wales)

One of the most fun breweries in the UK, while often seen mucking about wit adjuncts, they can do serious beer well too. So well that their Red Ale 'Cwtch' was Champion Beer of Britain. Cali Pale, Clwb Tropica, and Easy Livin', all listed in both 30L Kegs and 24x33cl Cans.

Czech Beer

An extremely special area of heritage beer, that has admittedly never been a particular focus for us over the years. We've been fortunate to have more time to dig in to it, learning the history and culture behind the beers, and most importantly plenty of sampling too.

Budweiser Budvar (České Budějovice, Czechia)

Classics are what we do best, and they don't come much more classic than this. State owned, and able to trace their story all the way back to 1265. We're extremely privileged to be their exclusive partner for Sidepour Nefilter. A truly unique beer experience. We're listing Original in 50L Kegs and 24x50cl Bottles; Nefilter in 30L Kegs; and Nealko in 24x33cl Bottles.

Vinohradsky Pivovar (Vinohrady, Czechia)

Like many things that have made it to our list, this started off as a discovery on holiday that simply had to be shared with everyone back home. Excellent Czech pilsners in modern packaging, of which we'll have their 11º, 12º, and Jantarova, all in 24x50cl Cans.


Far more than the beer monoculture that certain multinationals would have you believe. An area of modern beer that is growing at a rapid pace, and one that we're enjoying starting to discover.

Porterhouse (Dublin, Ireland)

We're proud to be partnering with the world renowned bar operator and brewery, with sites in Dublin, London, and New York. Irish Stout, Plain Porter, and Temple Lager all join our list in 30L Kegs.

On top of all of these we're also adding:

  • Duchesse de Bourgogne 15.5L Keg
  • Stone Brewing Go To IPA 58.7L Keg & 24x35.5cl Cans
  • Stone Brewing Neverending Haze 58.7L Keg & 24x35.5cl Cans
  • Stone Brewing IPA 24x35.5cl Cans
  • Rochefort Tripel 24x33cl Bottles
  • Kasteel Xtra 24x33cl Bottles
  • Wipers Times Dubbel 24x33cl Bottles
  • Wipers Times Tripel 24x33cl Bottles
  • Flensburger Alkoholfrei Radler 24x33cl Cans
  • Beavertown Bones Lager 30L Kegs & 12x33cl Cans
  • Hogan's Cider French Revelation 50L Kegs
  • Hogan's Cider Got Anything Fruity? 12x50cl Bottles
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