Anchor Porter

18 January 2012

Porter bio

Anchor Porter is the epitome of a handcrafted dark beer with deep black colour; a thick creamy head; flavours of rich chocolate, toffee and coffee; and a full-bodied smoothness. Complexity without bitterness, a blend of roasted pale, caramel, chocolate and black malts, this brew is dark in the glass but surprisingly light on the palate.

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, Anchor Porter continues to reward those who look beyond its intimidating appearance to discover its smooth, full-bodied drinkability.

Anchor Porter is now available in 19.5ltr kegs from James Clay as a permenant addition to our American craft beer range.

Anchor Porter (5.6%Abv).

Available to order from James Clay. Please contact us on 01422 377560 for more details.