Anspach & Hobday London Black - New and Exclusive

7 October 2021


After a long search we're delighted to have found the ideal Nitro Porter for our portfolio. It's a tricky slot to fill on the bar given the Dublin based monopoly on the style, but with quality and provenance at the fore, we're confident we can work with Anspach & Hobday to carve our own niche in the category. And after all, we've been taught for so long that anticipation and patience precede the greatest rewards.

Taking inspiration from their flagship beer, The Porter, Anspach & Hobday wanted to brew a truly sessionable London Porter. Choosing to make it even more drinkable by serving it on Nitrogen dispense.

For Co-founder Paul Anspach, this is a development he's been keen on for a long time. "As brewers with a strong pedigree in Porter and Stout production, the idea of introducing a nitro-beer into our range is a natural one, and has been something we have discussed for many years. After a year of settling into our new home at Croydon upon the backdrop of the pandemic, we finally felt like it was the right time to scratch the itch and begin the development of our first Nitro beer."

Nitrogen itself has no taste or aroma, but instead creates an amazingly creamy mouthfeel thanks to its relative insolubility in beer. As a Nitro beer is dispensed, the Nitrogen breaks out of solution freely, but unlike CO2, the bubbles produced are very small and fine creating the familiar smooth texture and cascading effect.

Paul feels that "this smoothness pairs perfectly with the roastiness of Stouts and Porters, softening any edges the darker malts might bring and making the resulting beer incredibly drinkable."

Anspach & Hobday Chairman and Co-Founder Jack Hobday says “Historically, exceptional Porters were made in London, where the water profile suits the style, and shipped all over the country and even the globe. London Black is our modern iteration and we couldn’t be more excited for this nitro-porter to be following in those steps and now available nationwide through James Clay and Sons.”

As sure as tick follows tock, we've got stock ready for you to order, and we can't wait to see this excellent Nitro porter pouring up and down the country.

Schooner 7 Resized

The Festival Lager

Region: United Kingdom
Style: Marzen-style Festbier
ABV: 5.6%
cans nrb - 24x44cl Cans

London Black

Region: United Kingdom
Style: Nitro Porter - Creamer Tap
ABV: 4.4%
keg - 30Ltr Keg s

The STOUT Porter

Region: United Kingdom
Style: Porter
ABV: 9.5%
cans nrb - 24x44cl Cans