10 January 2012


Emelisse brewery

We have the following beers available from Emelisse's colourful range.

Blond - 24 x 330ml - 7.5%

Behind the name hides an India Pale Ale and, as is typical for this style, hops are at the fore. In this instance the New Zealand hop 'Nelson Sauvin' which gives the beer a grapefruit and almost Sauvignon Blanc- esque flavour.

Emelisse Blonde

TIPA - 12 x 330ml - 10.0%

Emelisse believe that sometimes double is not enough so, here's their Triple India Pale Ale. With three times as many hops you're advised to take a sturdy chair, sit back and enjoy.

Emelisse TIPA

Black IPA - 12 x 330ml - 10.0%

Traditionally an IPA is blond to copper in colour, between 6 and 7% and spicy hopped. This Black IPA isn't. We've seen experimentation with abv's, type of hops, amount of hops and now, with the Black IPA, colour.This interpretation by Emelisse is subdued, exciting, challenging and balanced. Certainly not an easy beer, but one which clearly presents the brewery and shows what it can do!

Emelisse black IPA

Russian Imperial Stout - 12 x 330ml - 11.0%

Russian Imperial Stout are a result of Russian Czar Catherine the Great wanting deep, dark and heavy English Stouts. The journey from England to Russia took a long time and additional alcohol was required to ensure sustainability. Notes of black chocolate and coffee with cane sugar to soften the bitter character.

Emelisse Russian Imperial Stout

Espresso Stout - 12 x 330ml - 9.5%

Brew Master Kees Bubberman uses ground espresso beans specially selected in Italy. With 10% alcohol this stout is specacular with a desert but be careful, it might steal the show!

Emelisse espresso stout

Please note that quantities are limited. Stock will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please contact us on 01422 377560 for more details.