Flying Dog Kujo Coffee

20 March 2012

Kujo wilde thumb

Brewmaster Matt Brophy comments:

“We like to say that Kujo is the savage spawn of two brewing worlds – coffee and beer – colliding. But in that collision, it’s important for us to maintain the balance between rich and roasted stout characteristics and the deep, dark coffee notes.”

Vice President of Flying Dog Marketing adds:

“The most exciting part of inaugurating a new beer is getting art for it from Ralph Steadman. What he sent back was terrifyingly brilliant. You can feel the aggression coming off of it, which is perfect for such an intense beer.”

The label is terrifying! And the description is equally as scary - Imperial coffee stout - as Flying Dog themselves say "it's two worlds of brewing colliding". We love American craft beer and we love Flying Dog - they'll always stretch the boundaries of taste - in both senses! Go get some when it comes to the UK - it won't be here forever!

Flying Dog Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout (8.9% abv) will be available from James Clay in 24x355ml cases in April.

For more information and to order please contact us on 01422 377560.