Goose Island leaves James Clay portfolio

31 October 2014

AB In Bev

In 2011 Goose Island was acquired by the world's largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev. The UK division of AB InBev has recently informed us that due to "wider commercial interests" our relationship would be terminated. Unfortunately, following subsequent conversations with the newly appointed importers Greene King, we have been unable to reach an agreement to keep Goose Island in our portfolio.

"Goose Island Brewing Company have been a pioneering force in the American craft beer revolution and we're immensely proud to have introduced their spirit of experimentation and innovation to the UK market " comments James Clay. "We hope, in a small way, sharing this spirit has helped ignite the craft beer movement that is exploding within the UK at the moment".

In the 3 years preceding AB InBev's acquisition, the range made available to the UK was reduced to 3 beers: IPA, Honkers, 312 Urban Wheat. "While we respect that AB InBev has taken a hands off approach to brewing experimentation at the Fulton Street brewery, our inability to share these beers with UK drinkers was frustrating" remarks James Clay.

We will continue to supply the trade with Goose Island beers into December 2014 when current stocks will be exhausted. Greene King expect to have stock early December and they advise calling their Customer Care line on 0845 850 45 45 for more information.