Hard Seltzers from Two Roads Brewing and Oskar Blues have arrived

3 December 2019

Hard Seltzer UK

Here at James Clay and Sons we’re proud to bring the first legit Hard Seltzers to market in the UK. We have limited supply, so have created a wait-list.

You might have seen the buzz about Hard Seltzer over the pond. But forget all those memes and mid-session selfies. The real stuff is an absolutely delicious drink, and it’s about to land on British shores. Sure, a few brands are floating around the UK at the moment claiming to be Hard Seltzers, but they’re not. They’re effectively Vodka and Soda in a can. …so what is a legit Hard Seltzer?

…so what is a legit Hard Seltzer?

Well firstly, it’s brewed – much like a beer. Starting with a natural sugar base, all of the sugar is fermented out completely giving it a super-dry palate and fine carbonation – some describe it to a mouthfeel akin to champagne. Once brewed, some natural fruit juices are added to offer flavour resulting in a refreshing, natural alcoholic beverage with less than 100 calories per serving, 0g sugar content, low carbohydrate count and has vegan accreditation. The popularity of the drink can be attributed to millennials who are looking for something different with their drinking choices.

Wild Basin Hard Seltzer

We are importing two Seltzers as part of our offering, both from established US craft breweries that are already a key part of our core portfolio, Two Roads Brewery and Oskar Blues Brewery.

H2Roads Craft Hard Seltzer is made with 100% real fruit, developed by award winning Brewmaster Phil Markowski and the team at Two Roads Brewing Co. The drink will be available in Raspberry, Cranberry Lime and Grapefruit flavours (4.5% ABV).

Wild Basin, created by renowned craft brewers, Oskar Blues, is marketed towards lovers of the great outdoors. Flavours include Classic Lime, Black Raspberry, Cucumber Peach, Melon Basil and Lemon Agave Hibiscus (5% ABV).

Wait list

We have limited supply, so have created a wait-list. If you want to be a stockist, either on keg or in package, click here and register your interest. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can secure additional stock.

Ideally served from the package or on draft in a Schooner. With an RRP of £4.00 - £4.20, you can expect a GP of 67-70% and is a drink for all seasons.

Both brands will be available in can, keg and variety can pack form.