Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing: Session Edition

23 February 2020


Choosing to work with only the finest partners has been a core principle held by James Clay and Sons since the very beginning, and we’re proud to offer a special preview of our latest partnership with the iconic Sierra Nevada.

As the first step in our journey together we’ve teamed up to bring over Hazy Little Thing Session Edition, launching exclusively in the UK with James Clay and Sons.

Unfiltered, unprocessed, Hazy Little thing is a hop heavy yet approachable beer. With oats and wheat in the grist for body, and a kettle full of classic US Hop varieties; Citra, Magnum, Simcoe, Comet, Mosaic, and El Dorado. Hazy Little Thing is a completely sessionable expression of the intense US hop character synonymous with Sierra Nevada, but focused on low bitterness and a juicy character.

‘Hazy Little Thing has proven to be an instant hit, jumping straight in as the market leading Hazy IPA in the USA in it’s first year’

Hazy Little Thing was released at 6.7% in the US market to great acclaim, Sierra Nevada’s European Managing Director, Iain Newell, found that ‘at European Trade shows last year it’d always be the first keg to kick, but the feedback was persistently that people loved it but needed the ABV dialled back’.

Shedding a couple of points in ABV but maintaining the same flavour profile, body, and core character would ordinarily be an incredible challenge. However with 4 decades of experience in brewing a range of iconic hop forward beers, and a close partnership with the UC Davis Brewing Science faculty, Sierra Nevada were uniquely equipped to do the job. After several months of working behind the scenes, talking and tasting together, we’re now ready to be the exclusive partners to launch the session edition of Hazy Little Thing into the UK market.

HLT Lifestyle 1

As part of our commitment to Sierra Nevada’s quality ideals this has been cold shipped straight from the West Coast into our bespoke built 4,000 square foot cold store.

Hazy Little Thing has proven to be an instant hit, jumping straight in as the market leading Hazy IPA in the USA in it’s first year, and since then has continued to grow to be the 6th best-selling beer in total, despite masses of imitation competitors coming to market.

We’ve just received a small shipment that is being allocated on a first come, first served basis, and requests for permanent installations are being taken now for when we officially launch Sierra Nevada into our core range in April.

Keep an eye out for further announcements soon with more details on our partnership with Sierra Nevada.