Introducing AMA

2 December 2012

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AMA beer

Amarcord is one of Italy’s great new microbreweries that are brewing beer with distinctive Italian accents, producing their range of beers in Apecchio, a small medieval town surrounded by the Appennini Mountains (Mount Nerone) and close to the Adriatic coast.

Ama Bionda (6.0%) is a golden beer with a fruity character, delicate, but at the same time distinctive, created using Sicilian Orange Honey Blossom. Characterized by the aromas of pear and green apple brandy, presents a dry and bright character, all bound by the unmistakable flavour of honey orange. Bionda is re-fermented in the bottle, giving the beer a particularly fine texture.

Food match:This beer is a fine pairing for salads, oysters, goat cheeses, seafood dishes, and pastas with cream based sauces.

Ama Bruna (7.5%) is complex, but soft and dry on the palate, the malt flavours are pronounced but subtle, with flavours of toffee, raisins, dark fruit, chocolate, pear and cinnamon. Unlike most dark beers, AMA Bruna derives its colour and many of its flavours not from roasted malts but from highly caramelized sugar syrup.

Food match: These caramel flavours pair beautifully with roasts, meat-based sauces, burgers, steaks, roasted root vegetables, seared scallops, and full-flavoured cheeses.

Ama Mora (9.0%) is a strong porter with complex flavours of dark fruit, chocolate and espresso coffee. The espresso flavours are derived from coffee beans produced by the nearby Pascucci roaster in the mountains of the Marche in Italy.

Food match: AMA Mora pairs nicely with richly flavoured savoury dishes such as venison and Mexican mole sauces and works equally well with desserts.

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