Mikkeller UK Import Partnership

7 April 2021

Mikkeller New Listing

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the inimitable Mikkeller to exclusively import and distribute their exceptional beers across the entirety of the UK.

Working alongside the team at Mikkeller we are importing a core range of 6 different cans, with a draught range to follow once the On-trade reopens. On top of this we’ll also be curating a selection from their seasonal and specials ranges, including beers (and other concoctions) from Warpigs, Baghaven, and Mikkeller San Diego.

Core Range Cans Available to order now:

Burst - 5.5% IPA

Evergreen IPA - 3.5% Session IPA

Heated Seats - 4.9% Hazy Pale

Ich Bin Raspberry - 3.7% Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Side Eyes - 4.4% Pale

Weird Weather Non-Alc - 0.3% NEIPA

When Mikkeller approached us to work together, we were immediately taken by not only the quality of their beers, but the deep seated love for hospitality and passionate pursuit of flavour that underpin everything they do as a business. These core values are directly linked to our own, reflecting our origin story of Ian Clay as landlord of the Moorings pub in 1978 looking to bring new flavour experiences to his guests.

“Early in our meetings it became clear that we share an appreciation for great beer, we shared a common language around the classic styles and the innovation on the cutting edge. More than that we appreciate the effort and attention to detail James Clay and Sons put into their service, as a brewery and craft beer brand we never stop thinking of new ways to exceed the expectations of our fans and new drinkers, and we know James Clay and Sons are focused on executing above and beyond the demand of their clients. We share the values of putting quality and integrity at the core of everything we do”

Mikkel Bjergsø, Founder and Creative Director

For decades now we've consistently seen that the UK market has an amazing appetite for exceptional flavour led beer, and Mikkel is of the same opinion. "Beer fans in the UK are passionate, highly vocal, and open to trying new things. Those fans gave us the chance we needed when Mikkeller was getting started, and we believe gave us the opportunity to inspire a new wave of breweries. We love being inspired and inspiring this amazing community, from the breweries to the pubs to punters – we can’t wait to have a pint of beer in a proper pub again!”

As a team we'll be focused on advancing Mikkeller's main goals of challenging tastebuds, making quality craft beer the standard for consumers, and expanding the status of beer in food settings too.

Considering how we can achieve those goals, Kenneth Madsen, CEO of Mikkeller believes that 'James Clay and Son’s National Distribution footprint, warehousing, and inventory holdings are a big advantage for us. We now have an ability to reach every pub, bar and restaurants that is interested in stocking our beers. For craft beer to thrive, we almost need better service than the big macro breweries, we need to make it easy for our clients to get our beers. James Clay and Sons give us the level of service we need and eliminates any barrier for entry. For us partnering with James Clay and Sons means having the ability to focus on building our brand and exciting drinkers, and having full confidence that James Clay and Sons can seamlessly execute.'

We’re immensely looking forward to working with such a fun brand. There’s no doubt that Keith Shore’s iconic artwork will be adorning the walls of our offices, as Henry and Sally meet James Clay. Over the year’s we’ve come to consider ourselves as drinking widely (for educational purposes of course), and welcome the mind-expanding possibilities that Mikkel and his team’s concepts will bring us.

Looking towards the future, Kenneth suggests that 'One thing that will never change is our ambition to reach as many people as possible. At this point in Mikkeller’s development this means putting a focus on a tighter assortment of our beers that will be available consistently, which also frees us up to explore and educate in innovative ways. This means we’ll continue developing the all our categories including Non-Alcoholic Beers, producing beautiful Danish Wild Ales at Baghaven, and thinking up new ways to share our love of lagers. We’ll continue exploring ways to connect and build a diverse community, both in person and online.'

The first shipment from Copenhagen has landed with us and is available to order now. We’ll continue to bring you more info on the stories behind the brand and the beers. To keep up to date on incoming specials from Mikkeller make sure and sign up to our mailing list here:

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