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Brexit: A memo to customers

29 October 2020

2020 has been a year of extraordinary challenges for our industry - so much so that Brexit has almost gone under the radar (a sentence which would have been unimaginable 12 months ago). While managing the immediacy of COVID-19 has been a clear priority, our long term Brexit planning has also continued behind the scenes.

The purpose of this memo is to detail our Brexit preparedness; we hope it provides a reassuring comfort that, in a world of continued uncertainty, the extensive measures we have taken will ensure the supply of the world’s greatest beers will continue uninterrupted into the UK.

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Brasserie St Feuillien

6 January 2020

St Feuillien. 140 years of passion and know-how.

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Winter gift packs

Festive beers from James Clay and Sons

19 October 2020

It's that time of year again when we bring you our selection of seasonal releases to help set up your Christmas celebrations and fill those stockings with an array of worthy ales, big bottles and pristine gift packs from our favourite breweries. Christmas may be different for us all in 2020 but rest assured we have all of your festive requirements covered, however you choose to celebrate.

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James clay homepage

James Clay Launches new Website

22 October 2019

James Clay complete their rebranding with the launch of a new website to showcase the range of craft beer brands from within the UK and imported from around the world.

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Keeping it kolsch waiter

Keeping it Kölsch: The Food & Drink of Cologne

1 October 2019

You know what we’re like at James Clay & Sons – if there’s a European city (or any city for that matter) with a serious beer culture, we’ve either already been there or we’re going there, getting the t-shirt, and sampling all the good stuff...

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Job advert

Career Opportunity – Account Manager (London)

12 August 2019

James Clay and Sons are recruiting for a London Account Manager. The position will suitable for someone who is passionate about good beer, familiar with the area, is motivated to learn and grow and has some prior experience in an account management / sales role...

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Credit Application2

Requesting a Credit Account

6 August 2019

If you are an existing customer of James Clay and Sons, you may find a credit facility makes your day to day life easier. We offer credit terms with Direct Debit payment either weekly (after your delivery) or monthly (end of the month following invoice). For more information read more.

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