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Alcohol Duty Changes

12 July 2023

The government announced an increase in duty rates under a revised duty structure for UK alcohol taxation during the Spring 2023 budget. The changes come into effect on 1st August 2023. We've worked closely with our suppliers to help you understand, and take advantage of opportunities from these changes, and the new categories they create.

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2023 Range Review

1 March 2023

An extremely important task for us each year is to get our heads together and evaluate the performance of our range over the past year, and plan ahead to help you take advantage of trends before they even emerge. After that thorough process, we've added the following products to our list:

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Low and No Alcohol Range

14 December 2022

Low and No Alcohol beer is now a serious consideration for any discerning operator's offering. We've put significant effort into our range, to make sure it's of the highest quality, and widest range possible. Taking the same approach to it as we do full strength beer.

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Knighthood Website

James Clay Receives Honorary Knighthood of the Belgian Brewers' Mash Paddle

5 September 2022

On September 3rd 2022, James Clay, Managing Director was inaugurated to the Knighthood of the Brewers’ Mash Paddle, in recognition of his work in furthering Belgian Beer in the UK.

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Online Ordering Rollout

28 June 2022

After a lengthy testing phase we can finally roll out our Online Ordering system to our entire direct delivered customer base. Huge thanks to those customers that have helped us along the way with their feedback, and their patience at times too.

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Fynefest Brewers' Bar

23 May 2022

This year we're delighted to be supplying the Brewers' Bar at Fynefest. We'll be bringing a top notch cellar of Europe's finest up to Glen Fyne, a total of 33 beers, covering 24 different breweries, across 8 countries.

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2022 Range Review

5 April 2022

Once the dust has settled from the Christmas rush, and we've had a chance to recharge a little, we take on the most important job of the year, our annual Range Review. Members across our team come together to forecast the year ahead in beer, evaluating trends and opportunities, before deciding what changes we should make to our lineup.

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