UK Exclusive Launch - Duvel 6.66%

15 February 2021

Duvel 666

We’re honoured to bring you the UK exclusive launch of Duvel’s newest release: Duvel 6.66%.

In Belgian terms this is a session strength version of the classic, utilising 6 different hop varieties including Saaz and Styrian Goldings. The aroma on this edition is bumped up a notch by the use of dry hopping, and also with the addition of fresh orange zest. As is tradition, Duvel 6.66% is naturally refermented in the bottle giving the characteristic Duvel carbonation, contributing towards a fuller mouthfeel.

With this beer the team at Duvel have aimed to create a link between contemporary innovation, and their proud brewing tradition dating back to 1871.

Duvel 6.66% is available in 12x330ml bottles for delivery from today for all accounts to order.

20L Kegs will be available once it is clear that the On-Trade will be able to reopen properly. Unlike the draught classic Duvel, kegs of 6.66% will be able to be dispensed without any additional specialist equipment needed.

Our friendship with Duvel goes way back to the mid Eighties. In the early days of James Clay and Sons, Ian Clay was picking up a selection of Belgian beers across a number of wholesalers and building consolidated pallets to bring across to the UK. Duvel was one of the essential beers that truly awoke Ian to the potential within Belgian beer. Certainly at the time there was nothing that came remotely close to it in the UK market. So forthright in flavour and aroma, along with the visual theatre of the big bulbous glass, and unique stubby pear shaped bottle. Unsurprisingly, Duvel was the first beer in the range that demand grew large enough to approach the brewery for direct orders, and the rest as they say, is history.

Ian Clay admiring a Duvel

Across the following three decades we’ve maintained that friendship, working with Duvel in the UK to grow their portfolio of brands. In 2002, Duvel CEO Michel Moortgat, nominated Ian Clay for the Knighthood of the Brewer’s Mashstaff, in recognition of his work furthering Belgian beer in the UK.

Ian Clay receiving his medal from Michel Moortgat

In a contemporary beer scene where new beers number the dozens each day, it's easy to get jaded. But when word of new release from a modern classic like Duvel comes along, our team are utterly abuzz, making a beeline for the samples. We're looking forward to that same energy from the rest of the UK beer community so you can all share in the excitement too.

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