Online Ordering Rollout

28 June 2022


After a lengthy testing phase we can finally roll out our Online Ordering system to our entire customer base. Huge thanks to those customers that have helped us along the way with their feedback, and their patience at times too.

Rather than take an 'off the shelf' solution, we decided to partner with local specialist digital agency A Digital to build an entirely bespoke eCommerce package that fit our customers needs and those of the business too. Our thanks to Andrew and his team for their excellent work and for helping us to take this long overdue step forward.

Registrations are now open for all directly delivered customers to setup their access to our online ordering platform. Click here to request your access.

On completion of this extremely simple form, our team will confirm your details and send an activation link within 24 hours.

Live Inventory

You'll be able to browse real time stock, and once added to your basket this stock will be held for you, for up to two weeks, until you checkout so you can build orders at your leisure knowing your beer is guaranteed.

At the time of writing we have 1115 different products from 218 different breweries in stock. You'll be able to search through these with ease and filter. If you're after gluten free, alc free, or vegan, all our products that fit these categories are tagged, and can be searched easily.


Tag commonly ordered products as favourites and they'll sit in an easy to access tab to make it swift and easy for you to reorder your top sellers, or help make delegating ordering easier when you're not around.

Bespoke Pricing

Pricing shown on the eCommerce site will be correct and relevant to your account.

Order Management

On your Online Ordering dashboard you'll be able to see upcoming and past orders, and check your account balance. There's also convenient reminders of when your next delivery day and order cutoff are.

Account Management

From the dashboard you'll be able to view your invoices and payment history. You can also pay outstanding invoices directly online.


There's a dedicated media download area for accessing pricelists, bottle shots, brewery logos, font badges, and other useful forms too.

We also have a dedicated Expertise section for resources in helping make sure you and your team's product knowledge is as strong as it can possibly be.

New Features

As this platform is tailor made for us we're constantly refining it and adding new features. If anything ever comes to mind, please don't be shy to send us your suggestion to