Schneider Weisse present their latest TAPX - Porter Weisse

13 February 2014

SW low

Schneider Weisse's latest special brew is an eagerly awaited combination of two classic beers styles - Bavarian Weisse and Porter.

The English porter brings a dark brown nearly black colour and pleasant mild roasty aroma with hints of dark chocolate. The Bavarian wheat beer offers fruity, estery notes of raisins, nuts and red berries and a well balanced easy hop aroma merges into a pleasantly dry mouthfeel.

“If you closely study the history of porter and examine its aroma profile, comparing it to a classic wheat beer, you’ll soon realize that there is a basis for the development of an expressive character on this union”, Schneider Weisse brewmaster Hans-Peter Drexler explains the emergence of the new TAPX. “A historically bold but in taste ultimately very appropriate combination of two wayward beer styles,” concludes Drexler.

Sit down and relax with this wheat beer speciality or enjoy it with all kinds of roast meat, barbecue, grilled chicken (the German Grillhendl), rich cheeses like Gruyere, Gorgonzola, blue mold cheese or desserts with vanilla or nuts.

Schneider Porter Weisse is 7.0% abv and available in 6 x 750ml cases and 20 ltr kegs from 24th February 2014 (while stocks last).