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Lambiek Fabriek Close Up

When opening a craft brewery you can reasonably expect cash to start flowing inwards within a few weeks of the kit being commissioned and the first mash being dug out. Not quite so straightforward when opening a new lambic brewery. It could be years before you make anything decent, and everyone else in the game has been at it for decades or even centuries. Being subject to the whims of nature is a risky investment strategy, but Jo and Jozef at Lambiek Fabriek have found nature’s favour and made it work to great success. We spoke to Jo to find out more about what it’s like to be a new producer working in this fascinating style.

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The monastic brewing heritage of Germany is typically overshadowed by that of the Belgians and goes forgotten despite being an essential piece of the country's brewing history. There are some hints hiding in plain sight, the simultaneously cheery and grumpy monk on the label of Augustiner Helles, the beers made by the Benedictine monks of Kloster Andechs and other monasteries, and even in the recent past, Mariawald, one of Germany’s monasteries were a founding member of the International Trappist Organisation in 1997 (sadly no longer brewing).

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After a long time of the global beer market being totally dominated by a handful of massive companies...

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The German Story main

The German Story

Beer is an essential element of German culture and is intrinsic to the national identity, however...

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The Belgian Story main

The Belgian Story

Almost impossible to replicate due to their intangible ‘Belgian’ atmosphere, known locally...

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The american craft story main

The American Craft Story

The story of American Beer could have very easily been a thoroughly dreary footnote on the history...

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Beer and art bottles and cans featured

Beer & Art

Drinks and the creative industries are synonymous with each other, caught in an existential...

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