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De Halve Maan Close Up

Bruges has two incredibly important arterial routes running through it. Bisecting the city from the North is ‘the Golden Inlet’, a channel that runs all the way out to the North Sea. This waterway was essential in developing Bruges as the epicenter of early European mercantilism, eventually developing the Bourse in 1309 as the world’s first stock exchange. The other, a subterranean pipeline running 3.2km out to the North East. This too, is a golden inlet, insofar as it carries beer. The beating heart at the middle of it all, is the De Halve Maan brewery. We spoke with owner Xavier Vanneste for the full story.

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Family Matters

As the hub of manufacturing in the UK since the industrial revolution, the North, and more specifically Yorkshire, is the proud home of many well storied family businesses. Our company is named in honour of our founder Ian Clay’s Grandfather’s mill in Sowerby Bridge, that dates back to 1835.

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Key Beer People

Introducing a hop-fuelled rogues gallery. Some of the greatest names in the industry....

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