Brooklyn American Ale UK Launch

21 September 2015

Brooklyn American Ale Logo

We honestly don't think it's possible for Garrett and the guys at Brooklyn Brewery to make a bad beer; not even a mediocre, run of the mill beer. Every one a work of art.

Brooklyn American Ale is no exception.

Maris Otter, Pale and Crystal malt make up the grain bill; heaps of Willamette, Cascade with Amarillo for the dry-hopping. And there's also Brooklyn's own house ale yeast complete the deal - absolutely no compromise on a straight down the line, solid American pale ale.

We worked with the Brewery and the Grillstock festival to introduce Brooklyn American Ale to the UK at the start of September. Mighty fine late summer weather, awesome slow cooked barbecue and great music hitting the right notes for a cool, pale American Ale to quench a thirst!

American Ale is an easy drinking beer and barbecue is its natural habitat. So next time you fire-up the smoker, let the gentle bitterness cut through a rich set of ribs and allow those bright, piney hops to zing off the dry rub.

Brooklyn American Ale (ABV 4.5%)

Year-round availability in 24 x 355ml bottles; 30 litre keg (limited release)