Cierzo Brewing Co. Pre-Order

6 January 2020

Cierzo Calanda
Cierzo Logo

Cierzo Brewing Co. Pre Order
Craft beer from Zaragoza, Spain

Cierzo Brewing Co. are based out of Zaragoza, one of the largest cities in the north of Spain. They brew real beer without substitutes, working with the best raw materials and prioritising the quality of their beers over cost reduction. This has has led them to become rated as one of the top ten breweries in Spain, according to Untappd.

Cierzo brewing Co. produce many styles of beer, mainly of higher strength, with a passion for hop forward ales. They also have a love for more balanced and nuanced styles including dark beers, sours or those where malt is the shining character. The brewery believe that there aren't people who do not like beer, only those who have yet to find their style.

The Cierzo Brewing Co. logo is based on the cierzo, a strong, dry and usually cold wind which runs parallel to the Ebro River and forms part of their identity. The main element is the arrow used in weather maps to indicate the direction and strength of the wind. This arrow gives life to their logo and changes with each beer, depending on its characteristics. In this way, the strength of the wind corresponds to the alcohol content of each beer and the direction to its bitter or sweet character. This can be seen in the different labels of their cans.


Pre-orders for Cierzo Brewing Co.are required by Friday 10th January with stock expected to be ready for delivery towards the end of the month.

Please find below a few highlighted beers to introduce you to the brewery and speak to your orders contact for further details.


8.0% Imperial Stout with Cookies

Cierzo 1

8.4% Hazy DDH Double IPA
Basqueland Brewing collaboration

Cierzo 4

5.5% Chilli Porter

Cierzo 3

6.4% Black IPA

Cierzo 2
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