Keg Returns - Direct Delivered On-Trade

16 June 2020

Keg Returns Direct On Trade 3

Whilst the country was in lockdown, we have been working behind the scenes to co-ordinate a keg support package with our partner breweries for you. With the largest range of specialist beer in the country – some 125 breweries from around the world - this has been no small feat!

Appreciating that you may have many pressing issues to deal with at the moment, this post is organised into the bare essentials to make a claim for short dated kegs followed by more detail in an FAQ section.

We hope you have been keeping safe - we are waiting in anticipation to supply you with some of the world’s best keg beer again soon!

The bare essentials

What do I need to do?

You need to complete the form accessed by the link below.

>Keg Returns Form<

Submissions must be made by 17th July 2020.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  1. Keg supplied on or after 2nd March 2020
  2. Keg has a best before date shorter than 31stJuly 2020
  3. Keg is unbreached

Any exceptions?

A couple, yes...

The following breweries will only process requests submitted via with their eligibility criteria determined by the brewery not James Clay and Sons.

  • Beavertown
  • BrewDog
  • Camden Town

Erdinger support is tbc. However, please submit any stock you hold on the form as we hope to have this confirmed very soon.

Should I pour my spoilt beer that I want support for down the drain?

No, with the exception of Beavertown, BrewDog and Camden Brewery and even then only do so if explicitly directed to do so via their process.

What happens next?

On receipt of your Keg Return Form we will review against the eligibility criteria listed above and calculate a ringfenced ‘Keg Stock Value’ for your venue.

Our accounts team will not ask for payment of this amount. Credit will be raised following the uplift of eligible kegs and can be used against your next purchase or deducted from any account balance you may have.

Any other ‘bare essentials’ I need to know?

We ask that you make full kegs available for collection at street level. This is because our vehicles are no longer double manned in order to adhere with physical distancing guidelines; regrettably this means uplifts from cellars is not possible.


Why can I not claim for breached kegs?

As we are not a brewing entity, unfortunately we are unable to reclaim duty for spoilt beer through the ullage process as UK brewers are able to. As a result, we regret that we are unable to accept submissions for opened/breached kegs.

How can I find out when my keg was purchased from James Clay and Sons?

Delivery dates are shown on all delivery notes and invoices. If you would like a full report for the period please get in touch at and we will provide. Alternatively, you can list all your kegs and we will validate as part of the claim process.

How will collections happen?

Once you have submitted your form, our logistics team will review the details and let you know - using the details supplied on the form – when we can uplift. Your flexibility to support suggested date(s) is appreciated as we manage a complicated reverse logistics exercise.

Why aren’t you able to collect full kegs from my cellar?

As part of the safety measures put in place following COVID-19, all vehicles are single manned to reduce contact between the dray team. Regrettably, this means uplift from cellars is not possible.

How will my credit be managed?

Credit will be at your original purchase price and made against your account. If you have an outstanding balance the value will be used to reduce your balance; if you are a prepay customer or have no balance then it will be deducted from your next purchase(s).

Will I get my Beavertown and/or Camden Town and/or BrewDog credit from you?

Yes, although these breweries are managing returns via– and will make their own decision whether to support your claim – the credit will still come from James Clay and Sons. On making your claim the brewers will ask us to confirm that we have supplied you and the date of the supply.

Why are you not using ?

Import brands cannot process claims using this system as only UK brewing entities can use the ullage system. We have been in consultation with HMRC who confirm that duty on imported beer can only be reclaimed by a lengthy duty drawback process following export back to the original brewery. Don’t worry, this will not delay your claim as we intend to bridge this gap in support.

Why is the deadline for submission 17th July?

Kegs from imported brands must be returned to the overseas brewery as part of a Duty Drawback claim with HMRC. This is a lengthy process which involves the overseas brewery’s local customs tax office. In order to manage this in an efficient way we will only be sending one consignment back to each brewery so, if your kegs miss this shipment, duty cannot be reclaimed on the spoilt beer.

If my keg is not eligible for a credit, will I get the deposit back?

Yes, all returned kegs with a deposit, full or empty, will receive a deposit credit as normal.

If you have any further questions please get in touch on